Secure SSL Certificates

Security is an important part of any web site that collects sensitive information such as credit cards and personal information. To protect information between your server and your customers you need to use SSL (secure socket layer).

At Jagfly hosting we enable you to secure your web site through a three of different options:

  • You can share our secure server by passing your web pages through the server. This encrypts communication between your web site and your visitors. However, because the server certificate is shared and is not branded with your company's name and domain name it's not an appropriate solution for e-commerce sites or other sites which need to instill confident in the consumer. Share certificates are only recommended for occasional, non-mission critical use.

  • For non e-commerce sites we now offer free AutoSSL certificates on all accounts.

  • The best approach is to get your own secure certificate. Your certificate will be branded with your company's name and domain name and will tell customers that you take the issue of security seriously. At Jagfly Hosting we can install your certificate on the server for you. We can even purchase the certificate for you from one of our preferred vendors. See our hosting plans for our current rates.

Having a secure server is critical, but it is not enough. A secure server will protect your customer's communication to and from the server. But storing and accessing the information is another issue altogether. Sensitive information should never be sent through e-mail or stored on the server un-encrypted. The servers at Jagfly hosting have tools which enable secure encrypted storage and transmission of sensitive information (mycrypt encryption and GnuPG).